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This book is a memoir, and a healing guide. It is jam packed full of tools, meditations, and exercises to heal trauma and help you transform from pleaser to the beautiful strong person you truly are! 

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This book is a special healing power tool for those who have left, need to leave, or are struggling with other toxic relationships. 1 in 4 people are victims of domestic abuse and 80% of humans are victim of emotional abuse. This is a much needed salve. Sharing the book is helping many friends and family find courage, clarity, and healing

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Her are some blurbs of early readers: 


"I believe books should inspire our souls or expand our minds. This book by Raven Scott weaves story + teaching in a way that does both. I recommend it for anyone in pursuit of greater personal freedom." - Kim Smith - Publisher of Unbelievable Freedom Books



"This is the kind of book that gives all seekers hope and renewal as they walk their own path to waking up spiritually and discovering their unique treasures within. Raven Scott's depth of exploration and her unstoppable desire to live her very own self-led life and be able to share the way with others is evident with each turn of the page. This book will leave you hopeful and lovingly directed in your own healing." Diana Bertoldo - Energist 


"An incredibly relatable story to discovering the treasures within and understanding the role astrology plays in our timeline. Through her own breakdowns and breakthroughs, Raven offers valuable lessons that take us on an inward journey of processing our own life experience. This guide book is clearly written to serve those committed to healing and honoring their highest nature. A must read on your self discovery journey!"
Abigail Gazda - CEO of Hearts Unleashed


"Wow! Wow! This wonderfully written book, with magical and mystical moments, makes it a wonder filled, and at times Earth shattering, account as Raven was living her truest nature.

There are many lessons offered here from the writer who, no doubt, had lived it truthfully and soulfully to come out the other side with the knowledge and wisdom to offer and share it all! I marvel at the pure essence of Raven's account of life as it was for her and as her journey continues for all who wish to learn from her! This book is a must read!"
Jen will - Magpie Place Coffee and Aboriginal Art

Discover your Human Design with Raven. Learn about Human Design Brief Overview in Book

Understand who you are and your Human Design and you will have a clear map of what your soul’s authority and purpose is.

No matter how buried your treasures are, there is always hope to excavate them. The importance is to know who you are and embrace the treasures that are within you. This is the key to your success and happiness. Investing in your self care is the way you will be able to unearth your treasures. 

I have learned so much about myself in Human Design. Not only have I learned that I am an amplifier of people's emotions which led me to be a people pleaser, an amplifier of others' wills and drives leaving me vulnerable to every multi level scheme, and that I have sharp visual intuition. I also have learned how others function. That my children have a set emotional cycle, that my husband must be quiet to properly feed his body, and that my oldest is designed as an observer rather than a doer. This all allows me this higher perspective that stops my ego from judging others and making them do things my way. We are all unique and process life differently. With my favorite hobby to study astrology I have found many correlations to my chart and the gates and centers influence. One example is my open solar plexus and my Mars being in my 12th house.  Mars, the warrior/ action planet in the place of secrets and subconscious imprints the energy that I hate conflict and avoids it at all costs. This also directly links to the people pleaser of the open solar plexus to not feel the uncomfortable emotions of conflict because it is amplified in my body tenfold. I may not be able to change all the details of my flaws all the time but the knowing makes me aware. And when I am aware, I am able to live in grace and peace.

Human Design is a freeing tool to understand yourself.  Without the knowledge and roadmap you feel lost, misunderstood, abused, influenced by others and are perpetually frustrated and angry or bitter. In human design there is a term called the non-self, which is your existence at its lowest frequency.  This leaves you operating in a mode of frustration, anger or bitterness. This appears when you are not living in alignment with your truest self and you're not in the flow with source.

Human Design was downloaded by the cosmos through Ra Ur Hu in 1987. It is not a religion, it is a road map to your personality, subconscious, themes in your life and your soul’s purpose on this Earth. It combines Neutrinos, which are tiny particles of energy in our bodies imprinted by the planets’ energies, Astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah & Chakra System. You can get your chart and reading at and have your child’s read for free. Or you can print out your own chart at