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Raven Scott is a survival of an abusive relationship with a narcissist. She now has the life of her dreams with her family full of joy and love. She Is a certified meditation teacher, author, destiny coach, and teaches you how to manifest your dream life. And learn how to find your voice and inner lion-heart. Her North Node is is Gemini in her 10th house, simply put, she was born to teach and coach using her magical intuition.

She is the author of Empath & The Narcissist: A Healing Guide for People Pleasers. She coaches female seekers focusing on “writing their own story” and creating their dream life through spirituality and practical methods. She wrote her book to help empower and inspire you to discover the treasures within yourself. When you dream, heal, & transform you are able to Unlock your Destiny and find true joy in your Dream LIFE!

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How I can help you.

Raven Scott is a Destiny Coach, Author, Podcaster, & owner of The Thriving Intuitive Tribe Membership. She is providing women, who are feeling lost and alone in their journey, a community to kick ass as we become empowered together gaining clarity on our life’s purpose and finding your uniqueness.

She can help you free yourself from empath anxiety and energy drain, and codependency. Help you identify how to protect yourself from energy vampires, heal from emotional self sabotage, and tap into your intuition. She teaches you about Human Design and Astrology. As a certified meditation teacher she guides you through clearing energetic blocks that are holding you back from living your most fulfilled life. The healing modalities she teaches and uses help you find your inner authority, identify your pattern of struggle and what your soul’s lesson is. And help you find your life purpose through your North Node in your Natal chart and determine your soul’s destiny.

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  • 𝑺ℎ𝑒𝑑𝑑𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑁𝑒𝑔𝒶𝑡𝑖𝒗𝑒 𝑃𝒶𝑡𝑡𝑒𝑟𝑛𝑠 one step at a time to find your power & potential through healing so you can kick ass in THIS life.

    🌙This is a safe haven of soulful female entrepreneurs & soul seekers to an awakened life of purpose and alignment. Here we uplift, inspire, + learn from amazing podcast guests and each other in the community. In order to help our self transformation into our Divine Power.

Grab Your Free Gifts

Inspiring Astrology Calendar, Self Healing Guide with North Node Horoscope, & Full Moon Circle Release Ritual Printable. (respectfully) Click Images below to redeem.

Walk in Your True Purpose

Join us & get ready to shed negative patterns heal ancestry, attract abundance and discover your destiny.

Life Purpose Discovery Master Class

"Money is a necessary evil"

"I feel like there is more to life"

"I hate how hard I work for pennies"

"I want to do my souls work."

Do these sound like your thoughts right now?

Then this Masterclass is for you!

11 Reasons You Must download this FREE Masterclass

1. I'll be there guiding you!
2. I want to read your Natal Chart to find out your Soul's calling in a 15 minute discovery call.
3. Affirm that you are unique
4. Celebrate the beauty in abundance
5. Acknowledge your struggles and pain
6. Grow together and discover in your chart what areas Pluto is influencing you to transform.
7. Build a solid relationship with yourself
8. Find clarity with what your soul is yearning for through the Astrology point of the North Node.
9. You will squash your imposter syndrome through a mantra I will give to you as daily homework for 21 days.
10. Clear blocks and cut chords through a meditation on your subconscious ancestral connections to abundance. And receive abundance prayer for homework to recite and clear the blocks long after the workshop.
11. And you will get practical coaching

This is an evergreen coaching Master Class.

Human Design Readings

Understand who you are and your Human Design and you will have a clear map of what your soul’s authority and purpose is.

No matter how buried your treasures are, there is always hope to excavate them. The importance is to know who you are and embrace the treasures that are within you. This is the key to your success and happiness. Investing in your self care is the way you will be able to unearth your treasures.

Human Design is a freeing tool to understand yourself. Without the knowledge and roadmap you feel lost, misunderstood, abused, influenced by others and are perpetually frustrated and angry or bitter. In human design there is a term called the non-self, which is your existence at its lowest frequency. This leaves you operating in a mode of frustration, anger or bitterness. This appears when you are not living in alignment with your truest self and you're not in the flow with source.

Human Design was downloaded by the cosmos through Ra Ur Hu in 1987. It is not a religion, it is a road map to your personality, subconscious, themes in your life and your soul’s purpose on this Earth. It combines Neutrinos, which are tiny particles of energy in our bodies imprinted by the planets’ energies, Astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah & Chakra System.

Human Design Reading & Clearing Sessions

Have you ever had your chart read or personality test taken and you felt triggered or that your dirty laundry was pulled out and dumped on the floor? Leaving you feeling raw and lost?

This is why I don't do one read sessions. the Human Design System is too complex and you are too unique to dump all of it on you at once.

In your 4 part reading and clearing sessions you will receive your chart readings broken up into bite size chunks that you can digest for a week and bring your questions in the next session!

Things may come up that are uncomfortable, and I will pause and coach and clear that energy with a healing exercise or mini meditation. I then will give you a prayer homework to read daily to continue to clear that energy out of your subconscious.

We are not a one size fits all box. Each one of us is uniquely planned and orchestrated. I will also coach and encourage you to not judge yourself as a "type" of person, and embrace your complexity to balance yourself and work on the prejudgements and boxes you may put yourself in.

I fuse astrology from your natal chart and Human Design together to share with you further your

1. Life's Theme & Purpose

2. Your Strategy

3. Your Authority

4. Your intuitive senses.

And how to clear out:

1. Your fears

2. Your energy drain from empathic abilities

3. Your gullible tendencies that get you in trouble

4. Your abundance blocks

5. And your confusion on your direction in life.

Empath & The Narcissist Book

"I don't want to feel anymore." - "I think I'm going crazy!" - "I can't stand the heart break anymore!" Are these thoughts familiar? ... Then this book is for you.

Over the past decade Raven Scott has first, exited a toxic relationship, then found her healing and renewal through the very tools she shares in this book. This healing guide weaves a story of an empath growing up, struggling with codependency and loving a narcissist, then shows how she was able to leave and heal from the pain and trauma. It guides you in transforming yourself from low self esteem, PTSD, emotional abuse, to a strong, confident, & renewed soul. It provides effective techniques to help you overcome pain, fear and the cycle of emotional dependency. Subjected to insults, threats, and disapproval, against all odds, as a Destiny Coach she helps you find your voice and inner strength to break free. She was only twenty seven when she felt so lost, heart broken and depressed that she attempted to commit suicide. But as the Forward explains, it is possible to escape the grasp of a toxic relationship and be rewarded with hope, joy, and fulfillment on the other side of the vast abyss of fear.

Exercises included:

Inner Child Guided Meditation

EFT Tapping

Astrology 3rd house Journal Prompts

Meet Your Healed Ancestor Meditation

Empath Protection Shield Guided Meditation

Learn about how Human Design can guide you to discover your Destiny

*This is a digital version , if you wish for a paperback please purchase at:


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